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Trees Turn Blue in Pruning Work Preparation

Preparation work for the management and pruning of troublesome trees in Swansea has been taking place, with various arboreal specimens turning blue.

The curious sight has been witnessed across the city in recent days as council staff have been carrying out a spring inspection of trees on land owned by the local authority, such as parks, school grounds and public realm in the city centre. The plan is to remove troublesome branches or dangerous trees that might cause injury or structural damage, Wales Online reports.

By spraying blue paint on trees that have been identified as requiring remedial action in heavily wooded areas, council workers will make it easier for tree surgeons to find the ones that need some work on them.

Staff have been looking for significant problems with the trees, such as disease, structural faults, unstable roots, splits and cracks, fungal growths, dead wood and hanging branches.

The safety of the public and property will be protected by having the experts dealing with the problems. While the fact these trees are on council land means the local authority will bring in experts itself, members of the public faced with problematic trees of their own would be equally wise to call in a tree surgeon to do the job instead of trying it themselves.

Problems that can happen include being unable to control the direction in which a severed branch falls, which can injure people or damage property, or falls from trees when people climb them without the right safety equipment.

Tree surgeons may be much in demand in spring after the winter weather has taken its toll on trees, but there can be other reasons for them needing to be cut down.

The Wakefield Express reported earlier this month that over 1,000 trees across the city may need to be felled because of a major outbreak of ash dieback disease.

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