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How To Protect Your Trees From Weather Damage

The role of a tree surgeon is to protect trees and people from the effects of tree damage. Given the increasing number of storms and severe weather in the UK, there is a risk of extreme weather conditions seriously damaging your trees.

As these conditions can affect your trees in any weather conditions and falling branches can potentially leave you legally liable, here are some top tips to protect your trees from weather damage and give them the best chance at thriving.

Plant In Well Drained Soil

Soil conditions are key to protecting your trees from waterlogging, which can cause dieback and other issues with the tree’s condition.

Keeping track of your soil moisture levels and planting in areas with good drainage will help to keep your trees protected.

Set Up A Windbreak

Windbreaks are a great way to protect your trees and plants by reducing wind speed and creating shelter for your trees from extreme winds and storms.

You can use artificial wind fences for this purpose, or hedgerows, shrubbery and other trees can help to protect trees from damage.

Protect Roots With Mulch

Creating mulch and spreading it onto the surface of your soil can help protect your roots from storm damage. Given it is a nutritious material, it can significantly improve your soil quality, helping your trees continue to grow and mitigates the effects of soil damage and soil erosion.

Most gardens would benefit by composting kitchen and garden waste into mulch, as it will help not only in extreme weather conditions but during cold winter weather in general.

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