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Four FAQs About Tree Surgery

Keeping trees happy and healthy is essential, because a diseased tree can quickly become dangerous if it isn’t looked after properly, posing a significant risk to public health through falling branches, or there could even be potential for the tree itself to fail.

But it can be difficult to know when trees have become problematic, which is where qualified tree surgeons really come into their own. Here are some FAQs about arborists, trees, and the rules and regulations to help you if you are concerned about a tree in your local area.

When should tree work be carried out?

While work can be conducted throughout the year, the seasons can have an impact on what can be done. For example, work cannot be carried out on trees where birds are nesting during the summer months.

What is a tree preservation order (TPO)?

These orders refer to trees that your local authority has chosen for the value they represent to the area. Work can still be carried out on them, but if you have any trees with TPOs that require work you will need to seek permission from your local council first.

What if I live in a conservation area?

You will need to give your local planning authority at least six weeks’ prior notice of any work being done on a tree if you live in a conservation area. This is so they can then consider whether a TPO should be made.

What can I use the wood chippings for after the job has been done?

Chippings are often used as mulch in the garden, but some trees may not be appropriate. Talk to your arborist when they’re on site, as they’ll be able to advise you on what you can do.

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