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Animal Rescue Centre Thanks Cat Saving Tree Surgeon

Duster’s Ark, an animal rescue collective in Cheshire has praised a local tree surgeon who saved a frightened cat who had been stuck in a tree for three days.

The Northwich Guardian reports that the adventurous cat had become stuck 50 feet high in the tree in Hartford, leading to Duster’s Ark calling on the services of tree surgeon James Jones from Knutsford to help save Daisy the cat.

Cat Neller-Clements from Duster's Ark said: “We got a message on Wednesday morning from a Hartford resident saying there was a cat stuck in a tree in Marshall's Arm and he first spotted her on Monday morning.

The problem was that it was a high tree and she was 40-50ft up. There was also a huge drop at the other side of the tree which made it even higher.”

Firefighters had been called out but were unable to get the fire engine close enough to the tree to allow them to get close to the cat, and the RSPCA had tried various tree surgeons in the area, but with little success.

That would have meant leaving Daisy in a tree for another night," Cat said, “she was obviously really frightened and distressed and she had started to wail.”

Cat posted on a local message board, and a member put her in touch with tree surgeon James, who had previously rescued cats, and successfully managed to bring Daisy back down to earth, much to the relief of everyone.

“Daisy definitely didn't make it easy for him,” Cat added, But [James] was amazing, and he took the time out of his own day to help.”

Duster’s Ark in Hartford aims to rescue and rehome as many stray and feral cats as possible but also welcomes a few other furry and feathered friends.

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